Best Add Placement Strategy for Google AdSense

I always try to write my own experience when it comes to Google Adsense. I remember those days when I was new to Adsense and knew nothing about it. I always try to share new things with you all so that new bloggers reach their 100$ as soon as possible. Today’s post of mine only targets upcoming bloggers to hit their 100$. In this post I’ll tell you about some best spaces where you can place your Google Ads to earn more.
If you are a newbie, I recommend you to read this post till last and I guarantee you that you will triple your Adsense earnings by reading this post.
Before starting this post I assume that you are using 2 column or 3 column templates. Below is a basic layout of 3 column template and I’ll discuss about 2 column template at the last, as there is not much difference between the two.
basic layout of 3 column template

Now here are following parts of 3 column template:

1. Header

The header place is always used to place logo. You can also place search engine here. But remember do not place Google Adsense on the top i.e in header. Want to know why. Read this post on my blog on Triple Your Adsense Earnings With A Simple Trick. I do not want to write the same thing again, its better to read the above post.
Till now you are known with the fact that placing Google Ads in header is not at all good. Now in the next point I’ll tell you the super best place to put Google Ad.

2. Menu Bar

The second part that make a 3 column template is Menu Bar.(See the image above). It really plays a vital role in your template. This space in your blogger template can boost your earnings. The trick is that :
1st Method : You should place a horizontal link unit ad instead of Menu Bar. The size of the ad should be 728×15_4) that displays up to 4 link.
What will happen : Placing Google Ads here looks same as Menu Bar, and this is the place where you will get a lot of clicks.
2nd Method : Some of you do not want to remove the menu bar from their template. What you can do is you can place the same link unit ad just below the Menu Bar. This trick will also generate the same amount of clicks.
Note : If you are trying to opt the second method, please read this post of mine on Say No To Google Ads Under Menu And Drop Down Links.

3. Column 1

The 3rd part of the template is Column1. It is the space in the blog where you write your posts. This space contains all the crucial content of your blog. Lets see this column again. Have a look at the image below :
In the above image you can see the overview of the Column1. It contains Post Title and Post Body. Now the best space to place Google Ad in this column is between the post title and post body. If you have a blog that uses Blogger platform see this post on How To Place Google Ads Between Post Title And Post Body by Rahul.
Number of clicks generated here are much more, compared to any other place on this column.
Note : Before placing Google Ads here reader this post of mine on Are We Allowed To Place Google Ads After Post Title?

4. Column 2 and Column 3

The column 2 and column 3 are known as Sidebars. In the 1st figure the Column 2 is the left sidebar and Column 3 is the right sidebar. If you are using both these columns you should place a Skyscraper (120×600) image ad in any of the column.
But if you are using 2 column template its better to place a Large Rectangle (336 x 280) image ad in the sidebar.
Placing ads in the footer is not at all recommend if you own a blog.