iPhone OS 4.0 with over 100 new features

iPhone OS 4.0

The sneak peak event on iPhone OS 4.0 is now over. Steve Jobs was on stage and he promised tons of new stuff for the next-gen iPhone OS. There's multi-tasking, app folders, social gaming plus so much more.

As you'll see from this slide there are many new interesting features, but in their presentation Apple decided to concentrate on the "7 tentpole ones" - as they call them.

1. Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking on the iPhone - well, how about that! It took them 3 years and three (almost four) generations of iPhones to come to that. They know they're late but Steve Jobs is promising their implementation is the best so far. And multi-tasking won't slow down or drain the battery.
The way they do it on the front-end is simple. Double tap the hardware key and the task switcher appears as a dock below whatever app is running. Oops, there goes our only shortcut key.
iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 Multitasking
On the back-end things are different. Instead of keeping all apps running in the background, they allow apps that need multi-tasking access to 7 background services. So it's actually the services that run in the background - not the actual apps.
The background services seem more than enough to cater for the needs of various applications. They include background audio, VoIP, background location, push notifications, newly implemented local notifications, task completion and fast app switching service that takes care of returning apps to you in the way you left them even though they DIDN'T actually run in-between.
The new local notifications will allow scheduled alerts such as one from a To-Do app. Finally!
2. Folders
Next up are folders. But not the file system variety. No, sir! You're not getting a file manager on the iPhone just yet.
iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 Folders
The new iPhone Folders will do what the Categories app does for jailbroken phones. It allows grouping of applications into meaningful categories (such as Zombie Games, for instance) so you don't have to flick through all your homescreens for some blood-splatting action.

3. Improved email

The Email app on the iPhone now will offer a common inbox for all email accounts setup on the phone. No more flicking back and forth. And corporate users will be glad they can have more than one Exchange account setup.
iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 Improved email
Fast inbox switching is also available now along with threaded email conversations. And you can also open attachments with an application you've downloaded from the AppStore.

4. iBooks

The iBooks e-book reader you've probably seen demoed on the iPad will now be available to the iPhone as well along with the iBookStore and free copy of Winnie The Pooh (not kidding!).
iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iBooks

5. New features for enterprise

Targeting the enterprise clients, Apple has introduced a bunch of new stuff such as better data protection, Exchange Server 2010 support, SSL VPN support, and mobile device management.
iPhone OS 4 New features for enterprise

6. Game center

With iPhone OS 4.0 gaming will get a new social networking aspect bringing it up to speed to the Windows Phone 7's Xbox Live interconnectivity.
iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 Game center
With the new Game center you'll be able to invite friends for online multiplay, you'll be able to post scores in Leaderboards and unlock Achievements.

7. iAd mobile advertising solution

The final "tentpole" of the new iPhone OS is a new mobile advertising system for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch that called iAd.
iAd will allows developers to integrate ads into their apps so that they can possibly release free, ad-sponsored versions of their apps.
iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iPhone OS 4 iAd mobile advertising
With iAd users will be able to click on advertisements and check them out (even video content) from within the application they originally saw them in.
Apple will be selling the iAds and will host them as well. In return they'll be getting 40% of what the advertiser is paying. Developers get the rest.

Misc stuff

As of iPhone OS 4.0, users will be able to add a wallpaper image to the springboard itself. It's something jailbroken iPhones have had for years, but it's nice to have it out of the box as they do on the iPad.
iPhone OS 4 Setting up a wallpaper image
As we already said, there are lots of other new things such as Bluetooth keyboard support, search in SMS/MMS, tap-to-focus in video recording, Places in photos sourced from the geotagging information, web search suggestions, recent web searches list, photo rotation, workout uploads to Nike+, gift apps, etc.


The new iPhone OS 4.0 will be available this summer (along with the new iPhone we presume) but they're issuing a developer's preview today so we should hear a lot more about those new features in detail in the coming months.
The iPhone OS 4.0 will be available to the iPhone 3G and 3GS as an update. However many of the new features, INCLUDING multi-tasking won't work on the iPhone 3G. There's no word about the iPhone 2G yet.
And since the iPad is a hot topic right now - yes, it's also getting an update to iPhone OS 4.0 - however later on - in the fall.

iPhone OS 4 comes on 8 April, brings video calls to the iPhone

While Apple are still mum when it comes to the launch date of the next-gen iPhone, surprisingly, they have just announced when is coming the next iPhone OS. The iPhone OS 4 will be unveiled in a couple of days, on 8 April. And, reportedly, it will finally bring video calls to the iPhone.
iPhone OS 4
Apple have sent out invitations for an iPhone OS 4 event that will take place on 8 April. The message itself welcomes the press to "get a sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS".
Meanwhile an O2 UK subsidiary site leaked one of the new features that the new OS will bring along. According to the price list you see below the iPhone will feature video calls. Now we are not sure if the users will have to rely on the primary camera (as the iPhone lacks a dedicated video-call camera) or it will only work with the expected 4th generation iPhone but we will see about that soon.
iPhone OS 4

List of Ayyappa Temples in India and Abroad


Ayyappa Temple, The premises of "Sankata Mochan Ashram" behind Punjab National Bank, R.G. Barua Road, Near Nursery Bus Stop, Ganeshguri, Guwahati - 5. (Under Purbanchal Shree Ayyappa Seva Samity, a registered Trust )The other temples of “Ganesh Shiva, Bhadrakali and Hanuman” are already there for the worship of devotees since very beginning.

These famous temples were consecrated by 'Parsuraman'.
It is interesting to note that the `Pratishtas' (Idols) at these temples vary from each other in its representative forms, i.e the Kulathupuzha idol depicts Sastha as a child, Aryankavu idol depicts Sastha as young man, Achankovil idol depicts God as a Gruhasthshrami with his wives Poorna and Pushkala while the idol at Sabarimala depicts Sastha as a totally celibate God in meditation.  
'Sastha' is depicted here as a child. The rivers in front of the temple are inhabited by  various varieties of fish. The most important vazhipadu in this temple is to provide food for the fish in these rivers. The 'Matsya' kanyakas saw 'Bala Sastha' undergoing penance at this location.  Due to their intense devotion, 'Sastha' decided to adopt the life style of these 'Matsya' kayakas. It is due to this fact that offering feed to the fishes is an important part of the ritual of this temple.
In this temple, Sastha is depicted in his youthful image, as a young man, sitting  with his leg leg folded and right extended,  on an elephant. Within the four walls of the temple, rituals are conducted in accordance with Malayali traditions.  During the 'Ultsavam' days Tamil traditions are followed.  On the eight day of the festival was the proposed 'thalikettu' ceremony and it was that time  that it was learnt that the bride had become a 'Rithumathi ' (gets her 'Periods') . Therefore  'Thalikettu' is not performed here.
It is believed that that the Devi, sitting on the 'mambazha thara' was brought by Saurashtriyans for the marriage. Sadya is offered. On 9th Dhanu, 'Pandyan Mudippu' and on 10th Dhanu, 'Thrikalyanam' is performed here. 'Kumbhabhishkeham' is performed on the 11th of Dhanu.
In this temple, Sastha is depicted  'gruhasthashrami' or a family man. Sitting in with his hand extended in 'Chinmudra' posture, in his palm he has sandalwood and holy water. These are used as antidotal divine medicine to cure snake bites.  In this region, any one who gets bitten by snakes is taken to the temple and not to a hospital. Even at midnight, if a snake bite victim is brought to thee temple, and the temple bells are rung, the 'nada' is immediately opened to attend to the victim.
The construction of this temple was completed iIn Malayalam year of 1106, Makaram 12th. Pratishta dinam Ulsavam is on Makaram (Revathi nakshatram) of every year. The temple festival is held from Dhanu 1st to 10th every year. The temple is located in the midst of a forest. The approach to this temple is through Shenkotta (Tamilnadu) or via Pathanapuram (Alimukku)

Alapuzha Group

Ayyankoyikkal, Changamkari, Cheriya Kalavoor, Kottayil Sastha, Neerkunnom, Pullangady (Birthplace of the Founder of Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham)
Anaprampal Sree Dharma Sastha Temple, Anaprampal, Thalavady Panchayat, Kuttanadu Taluk, Alapuzha Dist

Ambalapuzha Group

Thakazhy Sree Dharma Sashta Temple

Aranmula Group

Chittoor, Kanjattukara, Kanchiramelil, Moodayarkonam, Omallur, Perinad, Ranni, Thootamon, Thrikkanapram

Changanacherry Group

Erumeli, Mabila, Oorukari, Pettah, Vakkathanam,

Ettumaur Group

Ayyappankavu, Kaipoora, Kalluvattom, Moodiyarkara, Paipara

Karunagapally Group

Ambalthubhagom, Kalkulangara, Koyikkal, Manapalli, Oachira, Palamel

Kollam Group

Aalattukavu, Achankovil, Aryankavu, Edakod Kavu, Kannanellur, Kaipavila, Kaleekkal, Kulathupuzha, Pallikavu, Sakthikulangara, Sasthancotta

Kottarakara Group

Ayiravalli, Gurusikaman Kavu, Iramulakkal, Karimalakode, Koyikkal, Manikantanchira, Nadakavu Thalamangalam, Vilakoodi

Kottayam Group

Erumeli, Kumarakom, Kochambalam, Pandavam, Peruvandha, Thazhaethendam
Pakkil Dharamasatha Temple, Near KSEB Office, Pakkil PO, Nattakom Villlage, Kottayam Distirct

Mavelikara Group

Cherukon, Irattakulankara, Koyiyakkal, Padanilam, Vathalloor, Veeyapuram
Sridharama Sastha Temple, Kunnam, Mavelikara Panchayat 
http://ayappatemple.kunnam.co.in/ (administered by The Secretary, No 67 NSS Karyogam, Karayogam, Kunnam PO,Mavelikara, Kerala 690108

Neyyatinkara Group

Arankal, Ayadimoodu, Ayyankuzhi, Chanthottam, Chovara, Karinkal, Kottiyarmangalam, Kulapada, Kurukutti, Kurunthiyoor, Ozhukkumpara, Pottankavu, Ramapuram, Thachodukavu, Veerankavu, Ulapzhanchi, Vazhichal, Vembanoor

Palakkad Group

Nurani Village, Thondikulam Village, Muthikulam Village

Paravur Group

Elikara, Palliakal, Vettakoru Makan

Punalur Group

Achankovil, Aryankavu, Kulanjupuzha, Padinjattinkara

Pathananthitta Group

Pampa, Pandalam, Sabarimala

Thiruvananthapuram Group

Kurumkutti Sastha Temple Parassala
Kunniyodu Sastha Temple Pazhaya Utchakkada Neyyattinkara Taluk
Muriyathottam Sastha Temple Karakkonam Neyyattinkara Taluk
Nallayani Sastha Temple Venkadambu Puzhikkunnu Neyyattinkara Taluk
Pangode Sastha Temple,Pangode ,Thiruvananthapuram.
Thycaud Sastha Temple Thiruvananthapuram. Vattiyurkavu Sastha Temple Thiruvananthapuram.

Tiruvalla Group

Ayyappan Kulankara, Iramallika, Meenthalakara, Puthan Sabarimala, Puthia Madom, Sasthanada

Vaikkom Group

Ilamkutti, Keezhoor

Ulloor Group

Arashuparambu, Chuzhumpala, Keezhkunnu, Kunnoorkal, Kutiyani, Nagamandalom, Pangod, Thuravila, Thalyattumala, Thuruthipalli, Vazhayila.

Varkala Group

Aalumthara, Aatipuzha, Cherukunnam, Ilakaman, Kozhimada, Kuttoor, Thottumkara, Mulakkod, Thiruvamanapuram, Venkulam, Vilakudi

Thiruvananthapuram Group

Chilanthivala, Manakad, Thampanoor, Thycaud, Vettakoru Makan, Vattavila
Sreedharma Sastha Temple, Near Valiyamala ISRO Project, Pullikonam, Panacode, PO,Thiruvananthapuram-695542 The place is very beautiful surrounded with rocks and coconut trees. It has a river near by.Easily reachable by vehicle, 10 kilometers from Nedumangadu. Prathishta is exactly like Sabarimala Ayyappa (Panchaloha Idol with Shadadhara Prathishta).
Sri Chilathivala Dharma Sastha Temple, Karamana, Trivandrum, Kerala State-695002, Tel.No. Not Available.Travancore Devasom Board Temple.

Other Groups

Perumbavoor Shri Dharma Sastha Temple (5 Kms from Kalady and 12 Kms from Alwaye)


Ayyappa Swami Temple, Canal Road, Anaparthi 


Ayyappa Swami Temple, Gunupudi, Bhimavaram
Ayyappa Swami Temple
, Suryanarayana puram.Bhimavaram


Ayyappa Swami Temple, Canal Road, Dwarapudi


Ayyappa Temple, Bharat Nagar, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, Bolarum, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, BHEL, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, GTS Colony, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, HAL Colony, Balanagar, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, Kamalanagar, Secunderabad
Ayyappa Temple, Lal Bazar, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, Metluguda, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, Nalla Kunta, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, Sanath Nagar, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, Srininagar Colony, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, Somajiguda, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, Tirumal giri, Hyderabad
Ayyappa Temple, Vivekananda Nagar Colony, Kukat Palli, Hyderabad


Ayyappa Swami Temple, Bani Gudi Jn, Kakinada


Ayyappa Swami Temple, Palakollu 


Ayyappa Swami Temple, Gollapudi, Vijayawada
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh


Ayyappa Swami Temple, Sheela Nagar, NH5, Vishakapatanam

Delhi - RK Puram Sector II (1975)
Delhi - Pushpa Vihar, Sector VI, New Delhi 110017
Sree Ayyappa Temple, (Managed by Sree Dharma Sastha Sewa Samajam, Rohini), CSC 9, Sector 7, Rohini
Delhi 110 085 (Phone : +91 11-27052015  Website: http://www.rohiniayyappa.com

Veraval - Sri Ayyappa temple
Wadi - Sri Ayyappa Tample (with Panchaloha Prathistha)

Ayyappan Temple, Sector -3, Faridabad
Ayyappan Temple, Sector 23, Faridabad

Bangalore - Jalahalli (1970)
Bangalore - HAL Ayyappan Temple
Bangalore - Sri Rama Temple Road, New Thippasandra
Bangalore - Subbanna Palayam, Banaswadi Main Road
Bangalore - Vijanapura, Near KR Puram Rly Stn
Bangalore - Ayyappan Temple, 9th Cross, Magadi Road 560023
Bangalore - Sri Ayyappan Temple,Patel Gundappa Block,JC Nagar,  (Munireddypalayam) , Bangalore - 560 006 (Phone: +91 80 3333352)
Bangalore - Ayyappa temple, Vasantanagar
Bangalore - Ayyappa temple, Kalasipalayam
Bangalore - Ayyappa temple, Vannarpet
Bangalore - Ayyappa temple, Suddhaguntapalayam
Bangalore - Ayyappa temple, Malleshwaram
Bangalore - Ayyappa Temple, 7th Block Jayanagar
Bangalore - Ayyappa Temple, Banashankari
Bangalore - Ayyappa Temple, Shamanna Gowda Layout, Ulsoor, Bangalore 560008
Bangalore - Swamy Ayyappan Seva Trust,Sudhamanagar,Bangalore-560027
Bangalore - Ayyappa Temple,Madiwala
Bangalore - Sree Ayyappa Temple Trust,194,Banasawadi Main Road,Subbanapalya,Maruthi Sevanagar, Bangalore,Karnataka, INDIA. PIN - 560 033.Phone: +(91)-(80)-25457593
Coorg - Ayyapppa Temple - Kanoor road, Kothur, South Coorg 571216
Davangere - Ayyappan Temple, BIET College Road
Mysore - Ayyappa Temple - Foot of Chamundi Hills, Ooty Road
Ayyappa temple at Anepalya near Madiwala, Bangalore 

Amoondra - Belaram Ayyappan Temple (1975),Bhilai,Bilaspur, Gwalior (1976), Jhansi (1977), Raipur-Tatibandh
Sree Ayyappa and Ganesh Temple, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Near Bombay Hospital,  Ring Road, Indore
Ayyappa Temple - Barkheda, Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh
Ayyappa temple - Shivaji Nagar, Bhopal - Madhya Pradesh
Ayyappagiri, Inside Ordnance Factory Premises, Old Ambarnath,Ambarnath
Ayyappa Temple, Near Punjabi Colony,Opp. Jawahar Hotel, Follower Lane,Ulhasnagar - 421003.

Ayyappa Temple, Ayyappa Nagar,Goregaon(West)(Regular bus services available from Goregaon Station to the temple)
Ayyappa Temple, Barunagar (1983)
Ayyappa Temple, Off S.V.Road, Borivili West
Ayyappa Temple, Shell Colony, Chembur, Mumbai
Ayyappa Temple, Kalyan, Mumbai
Ayyappa Temple, Musco Colony, PO Jagdish Nagar, Khopoli, Raigad, Maharashtra-410216
Ayyappa Temple , Nerul, New Mumbai
Ayyappa Temple , Panvel, New Mumbai
Ayyappa Temple , Shivaji Nagar, Govandi,  Mumbai - 400043
Ayyappa Temple, Vasai, Mumbai
Ayyappa Temple, Vashi,  Navi  Mumbai
Alpanakav Temple, Saki Naka, Mumbai
Guruvayur Temple, Dombivili, Mumbai
Mini Ayyappa Temple, Mumbai (1972)
Mini Sabari Mala (1986), C/oShree Ayyappa Seva Sangam,Sector 8B,CBD Belapur,Navi Mumbai-400614
Ayyappa Temple, Anushakti Nagar (Babha Atomic Research Centre Staff Quarters),Mumbai.
Ayyapa Temple, Pattan Chawl, Hanuman Nagar,Kandivili (East),Mumbai-400101
Shree Ayyappa Temple c/o Shree Ayyappa Pooja Samithy,Shree Ayyappa Temple Complex, Shree Ayyappa Temple Road,Sane Guraji Nagar, Lalchakki, Ulhasnagar, Mumbai 421004
Subramaniam Temple ( Ayyapan Idol) - Chembur, Mumbai
Ayyappa Temple. Sastha Hills Dehu Road, Pune - 412101 
Thane - Varthak Ayyappa Temple(1990)
Shree Ayyappa Temple, Plot No.6a & 6b,Sector-6E, Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai-410 218, Maharashtra,
Phone: +91 22 7420504 (Mob) +91 (0) 98216 12161, President : Shri Padmanabhan Pattani
Ayyappa Temple, Range Hills, Kirki, Pune
Ayyappa Temple, Jaimala Nagar, Sangvi, Pune
Ayyappa Temple, Bhosari, Pune
Ayyappagiri, Inside Ordnance Factory Premises, Old Ambarnath,Ambarnath.
Ayyappa Temple, Near Punjabi Colony,Opp. Jawahar Hotel, Follower Lane,Ulhasnagar - 421003.


Rourkela - Ayyappa Temple, Temple Complex, Sector-3, Rourkela

Lord Ayyappa Temple at Ludhiana - Further details awaited.

Ayyappa Temple,Mahaveer Nagar,Tonk Road,Jaipur (Rajasthan) (Phone:+91 141 2549788) Shri Dharma Sastha Temple at Devi Nagar, Kamal Vihar Extn. Shyam Nagar P.O. Jaipur 302019
Sree Dharmasastha Temple, Devi Nagar, Kamal Vihar Extn., Shyam Nagar P.O., Jaipur 302019 .Phone No. +91-141-5140987. The temple was consecrated in 2001 and is managed by Sree Dharmasastha Trust, Jaipur exclusively. It was built under the architectural advice from the illustrious Kanippayoor Shri Krishnan Namboothiri and Thantri of this temple. The thantri is Brahmashri Kataru Maheshwararu, the seniormost thamtri of the holy shrine at Sabarimala.  Shrines of  Lord Ganeshya, Nagaraja-nagyakshi and Ashtanagas, Navgrahas and Ma Annapoorneshwari are also included in typical Kerala style of 'Mahashetram'.  In addition to Udayashtamana pooja, on all Saturdays and important festive events Bhajana followed by distribution of  Annaprasadam are conducted here.  Six days Thiru Utsavam (Kodiyettu, Pallivetta, Aaratu) comes during June-July (Kodiyettu on Choti nashatram of Mithuna Masam). Rituals during these All these six days Thiru Utsavam’s are conducted under the august guidance of  Thantri Maheswaru.  A 'Kodimaram, Main Gate, Ashtadikpalakargal, Balikkal, etc. are under construction and will be started soon.
Sree Ayyappa Temple, (Shree Dharmasatha Sewa Samiti (Regd. Jaipur), Mahaveer Nagar, Gopalpura Bye-Pass, Tonk Road, Jaipur : 302 028 (Rajasthan, Tel: +91-141-2549788, E-mail: ayyappatemple@rediffmail.com
The Shrine is located in the south side of Pinkcity (7 Kms from Jaipur Junction Railway Station & Sindhi Camp Bus Stand, 4 kms from Jaipur Sanganer Airport).Buses, Government owned as well private, ply frequently and regularly to Gopalpura from different parts of Jaipur. So, transport connectivity to this tempel is good. Built similar in architecture to the most famous and prominent Sabarimala Sree Dharmasastha Temple.This is the first and the only temple of its kind in North India with eighteen Holy steps similar to that of
Sabarimala Temple. The pranaprathishta of this temple was consecrated on 14th January, 1986 by Shri Attupurathu Govindan Nambhoothiri. Shrines of Lord Ganesh Ji, Devi Bhadrakaali, Navagrahas are also included in archetypal style of Kerala's Mahakshetram. The temple has its own Golden Thidambu of Lord Ayyappa & Nettippattam for the purpose of Ezhunnellathu (Procession of Lord Ayyappa) during Makara Vilakku Mahotsavam.Extensive daily Poojas are being performed in the Temple. On all important festival days including on all Saturdays, Mahadeeparadhana followed by Bhajana are performed with distribution of Annaprasadam to all Devotees in the Temple premises. Conducting Akhandanamayagnam on every second Sundays and Sarvaishwarya Pooja on every third Sundays in the Temple regularly are other attractions. The Three days celebration of Thiru-Utsavam of the temple from 12th to 14th January every year with special poojas, archana, Homam, Kalasham etc. with the presence and under the guidance of Temple's acharyan Brahmashree Akkiraman Kalidasa Bhattathirippad. This is followed by Annaprasadam on all days (a feast in all respects). All persons,irrespective of caste, creed or religion, are attracted to this temple. The temple art and other cultural events during the festive days are the reflection of the ancient culture and tradition of Kerala. The shrine is opened between 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM & 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM on all days. Regular Bhajana followed by Annaprasadam is being performed throughout the Mandalakaalam. The foundation stone of the temple was laid down on Thiruvonam Day of Chingam i.e. on 07.09.1984. The important festivals like Mahashivarathri, Painkuni Uttram, Vishu, Sree Rama Navami, Naga Panchami, Karkkidakavavu, Aavanippiravu, Athachamayam, Vinayak Chathurthi, Thiruvonam, Janmashtami, Navarathra, Mandala Pooja, Karthikavilakku, Mandala Vilakku etc. are celebrating more colourfully and with great attractions.

Achankovil (Contributed by sankarrenganathan@sparinc.com)

In the temple at Achankovil, Lord Dharma Shasta is worshipped in the aspect of Manikanda Shastha with His two Divine Consorts, Poorna and Pushkala. Here the Lord is depicted in the aspect of a householder. The names of the consorts indicate they have symbolic meaning. Two priests offer the Poojas. According to tradition the great sage Parasurama installed the idol in the temple at the time when he installed the five Shastas and a Bagavathi to protect the
Western Ghats and the related regions.

The holy Eighteen steps are not as steep as in Sabarimalai, and are guarded by Lord Ganesha and Lord Muruga, instead of Periya Kadutha Swamy and Chinna Karuppu Swamy. The well in temple is supposed to carry an herbal plant underneath called Neela Koduveli, which is an antidote to poisons. The abhisheka thirtham, the sacred water with medicinal properties, and the sandalwood prasadam are giving relief in physical ailments and spiritual solace to thousands. Therefore the Lord is also considered as Danvantharamoorthy, the Divine Physician. Outside the western gate, on a mount, there is a
temple of Goddess Bhagavathi.

Extensive poojas are performed in the temple on Fridays. There are also shrines of Lord Krishna, Goddess Bagavathi and Kannimula Maha Ganapathy. There is a Swayambhu Nagaraja, the self-formed Serpent Deity, which is vibrant with immense mystic power. The Kodimaram, the temple flag-staff with Ashtadikpalakargal, the Guardian Deities of the eight quarters, on it is in the final stages of having a gold covering. The temple is getting ready for renovation during the Uttaraayana. Facing the shrine of Lord Shasta there is the temple, Karuppuswamy Kovil.

The shrine is located amidst the dense forests of the
Western Ghats in between Senkottai (28 Kms from the temple) and Ranni (40 Kms from the temple). The place is about 12 kms away from Sabarimala by a forest route - a very difficult route indeed. People in Achankovil speak both Tamil and Malayalam.

The shrine is open between 0500 Hrs to 1230 Hrs IST and 1700 Hrs to 2030 Hrs IST. Buses ply frequently to Achankovil from Punalur, Pattinamitta and Senkottai.
Chennai - Anna Nagar (Opp KHM Hospital, Near Anna Nagar Tower,Anna Nagar (West), Chennai)
Chennai - Avadi (Bhaktavatchalapuram,HVF,CVD and Air Force)
Chennai - Kodambakkam
Chennai - KK Nagar
Chennai - Madipakkam
Chennai - Mahalingapuram (18, Sir Madhavan Nair Road,Mahalingapuram, Chennai-600 034, Tel: +91-44-8171197)
Chennai - Poonamalee
Chennai - Raja Annamalaipuram (Swami Ayyappan Temple Trust,, Raja Anamalaipuram, Chennai 600 028,Tel: +91-44-4938239)
Chennai - T Nagar
Coimbatore - Siddputhur Ayyappa Temple
Kanyakumari Temple (Within the main temple - 1955)
Ayyappan Temple, Kancheepuram (at the premises of Sree Narayana Sevashram, Kancheepuram 631302). The President of the Mutt is Swami Chidaroopananda (Phone +91 -?? - 223498/225624)
Mahalingapuram (1974)
Ayyappan temple,Chinnappa Nagar,Pudukkottai, TamilNadu-622001
Salurkankayam (1981)
Shri Bhoosastha Kavu - Vishnupuram, Suchindram PO, Kanya Kumari Dist, Taminadu 629704 (located near Vishnupuram about 2.0 km from Suchindram and is surrounded by paddy fields.)
Sri Kalakodi Dharma Sastha Temple, Karakurichi, Trinelveli, Tamil Nadu.
Contact R. Narayanasarma, 2/100, East Street, Karukurichi-627417, ph:04634-260270, 09443432654 Trichy (Near court building)
Trichirapalli Dist (Arul Migu Sri Ayyappan Aalayam, Valanadu Kaikatty, Pirampatty (Post), Manaparai (t.k), Trichirappalli Dist, Tamilnadu 621305: Location : (Trichy-Madurai {via. Viralimalai} Highway)
Trichirapalli (Dist): (Sri Ayyappan Temple, Kovilpatty, Nr. Govt. Boys hostel, Kovilpatty Post,Manaparai (t.k), Trichirapalli Dist,  Tamil Nadu  621 305: Location : (Trichy-Madurai {via. Viralimalai} Highway)

Hardwar - Ayyappa Temple
Kanpur, Near Air Force Station Chakeri (1987)
Kasi -  Thilbandeshwar,
Varanasi (Kasi) (It was the first Ayyappa temple in North India, and was established by Swami Vimochananda. The same Swamiji established the Ayyappa Temple in Hardwar, the second Ayyappa Temple in North India).
Lucknow - Lord Ayyappa Temple, Ayyappa Marg, Gomthi Nagar,Lucknow
Shree Ayyappa Temple, Brij Vihar, Chander Nagar PO, Ghaziabad (The temple was consecrated in 1995 and is managed by Shree Ayyappa Pooja Samiti, Brij Vihar)
Noida, Ayyappa Swamy Temple, C-47 Sector 62, Noida,U.P. India

West Bengal
Kolkata - Saastha Samooham, 42 Lake Avenue, Kolkata- 700 026

Sydney Sri Ayyappa Swami Centre , 1037, Old Northern Road, Dural - 2158. Phone 9749 2739 E-mail : sydneyayyappan@yahoo.com.au

Poojas and Bhajans held every Saturday evening 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.
Sri Ayyappa Samajam in Scarborough, Ontario Canada, have recently acquired 5.5 Acres of land to build and operate a large Ayyappan Temple.
Ayyappa Temple In France, Saint-Denis, Near Paris (The Upadevatas are Ganapathy, Lakshmi Narayanan, Achan Kovil Ayyappa, Koulathupuzhai Balagan, Aryankavu Ayyan). This temple is famous for it's milk abhishekham.
Sri Sundararaja Perumal Temple, 80, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa,,411 00 Klang Selongo
(Idol being installed by Feb 2003)
Ayyappan Temple, Sri Maha Marriamman Temple , Jalan Kota Tinggi, JohorMalaysia
Taiping, Perak

Sakthi Sivanandha Arulnandha Muniswarar Temple, Simpang Halt,34700 Simpang, Taiping Perak, Malaysia.
Waterfall Ayyappan Temple, Waterfall Road, Penang, Malaysia
Ayyappan Shrine (Holy Tree Sri Balasubramaniam Temple) - Yishun Town
Ayyappan Shrine (Sri Shiva-Krishnan Temple) - Woodlands Town

Ayyappan Shrine (
Sri Muneeswaran Temple) - Queensway
Ayyappan Shrine (Sri Arulmigu Vel Murugan Gana Muneeswaran Temple), Sengkang

Ayyappan Shrine (
Sri Vairavimada Kaliamman Temple) - Toa Payoh
Ayyappan Shrine (Sri Ramar Temple) - Changi
Ayyappan Shrine (Sri Murugan Thirukundram Temple) - Bukit Timah
South Africa
Ayyappa Kshetram, Pretoria, South Africa
Sree Ayyappan Temple, 36 Masons Avenue, Harrow, Middlesex, HA3 5AR, UK. http://www.londonayyappa.org (Opened on 13th December 2002)(Run by Sree Ayyappa Seva Sangham (London) (Phone : +447888846854)
Sri Venkateswara Temple ((Balaji Mandir) & Community Center (with a section for Ayyapan with the Pathinettam Padi), 780 Old Farm Road, Bridgewater, NJ 08807. Ph:001 (908) 725-4477
Ayyappa Shrine at the Shiva Vishnu Temple in Cleveland Ohio, 7733 Ridge Rd, Parma, Ohio 44129, Phone:(440) 888-9433

Ayyappa Shrine, Sri Venkateswara Swamy Balaji Temple of Greater Chicago, 1145 West Sullivan Rd., Aurora, IL 60506 USA.Tel#: (630)-844-2252
Ayyappa shrine at The Sri Siva Vishnu Temple at Lanham MD
Ayyappa Shrine at the Ganapathy Temple of Flushing, 4557 Bowne St, Flushing, New York, USA 11355, Phone: (718)  460-8484, NY (Hindu Temple Society of North America (Ganapathi Temple of Flushing, NY)
Ayyappa Shrine at ,Bharatiya Hindu Temple, 3671, Hyatts Rd, Powell, Ohio, USA 43065 Ph 740-369-0717 and Columbus, OH (Ayyappa has been placed in the same shrine as the Sivalingam).
Lord Ayyappan Shrine (coming up shortly) at Sri Venkateswara Temple Complex (Malibu Temple) Southern California, USA
Ayyappa Temple located within Sri Meenakshi Temple, Pearland, Houston, Texas, USA

Parashakti Mandir, 551 W. Kennett, Pontiac, Michigan 48340 (Phone +91 1 248 - 322-4731
E-mail: omshakthi@parashakthitemple.org
Ayyappa Sannidhi in 'Omkara Mahaganapathy'  Temple at 4309 Midway Drive, Temple, Texas 76502. (The main deity is Ganapathy). Every month pooja is performed on the Saturday close to the monthly Sabarimala pooja. This pooja  has now become a very popular function attracting more and more devotees each month. December 2003 pooja is on the 20th and Jan 2004 is on the 16th and 17th. The  priest is Sri Sreeram Hariharan. Please view our web-site http://, www.hindutemple.org
Ayyappa Mandir, The Hindu Temple Of Minnesota, 10530 Troy Ln N Maple Grove Minnesota 5531 http://www.hindumandirmn.org
Sri Lakshmi Temple,Ashland Massachusetts USA. Lord Ayyappa's idol is also installed there.
Monthly abhishekam on the 1st Saturday of every month. Special poojas every Saturday during Ayyappa mandala season culminating in the ascent of the specially erected 18 steps on the 2nd Saturday of January of every years since 2001.(Contact K.G. Narayana 508 881 9585)