Apple stores in india

sunshoppe apple ipod‎ -
Deccan Gymkhana, Pune, Maharashtra 411004‎ - 09921009999‎

Mac / Apple Dealer / Retail Store Computer Exchange‎ -
24, Park street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016‎ - 09831151372‎

Apple Shop‎ -
Shop No 1, 3/14, Opposite Amir Hotel, Sadhu Vaswani Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411001‎ -020 26052194‎

APPLE ANISH ELECTRONICS (Electronics Service Centre)‎ -
W-101, 2ND AVENUE, (NEXT TO INDIAN BANK, ROUNDTANA), ANNANAGAR, CHENNAI, Tamil Nadu 600040‎ - 09840417188‎

Three Apple Cake Shop‎ -
Shop No 1, Kamble Wadi, Vile Parle (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400057‎

APPLE Premium Store | iWorld (AppleShowroom)‎ -
UB-02 Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110007‎ -096 50 123123‎

Nyasa Enterprise‎ -
Shop No 59, Ground Floor, Tardeo Air Condition Market, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400034‎ - 022 30404435‎

APPLE Premium Store by iWorld‎ -
Shop 238 DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi 110070‎ - 096 54 123123‎

iMagine store‎ -
Shop 101A, First Floor, Ampa Skywalk, #1 Nelson Manickam Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600029‎ -044 23742626‎

Green Apple‎ -
121, Basavanagudi, Bangalore, Karnataka 560004‎ -080 26607808‎

pouvathuparambil, kerala, kasaragod, Kerala 671543‎ - 09846083083‎

The Apple Juice Shop‎ -
No. 7, Thambiah Reddy Road, West Mambalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600033‎ - 044 32508918‎

Apple Mobile The Orignal Shop‎ -
247, Kamarajar Salai, Kamarajar Salai, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625009‎ - 0452 4374089‎

Senthilvelan Apple Shop‎ -
No. 1-Y, Kamaraj Fruit Market, Koyambedu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600102‎ - 09841153177‎

The Apple Shop‎ -
P-250, Lake Town, Lake Town, Kolkata, West Bengal 700089‎

Maple Technologies‎ -
215-216, Powai Plaza, Hiranamdani, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076‎ -022 4214 2000‎

Apple iPod Repair@Guru‎ -
OFFICE NO 73, DSIDC COMPLEX, MATA SUNDRI ROAD, NEW DELHI, Delhi 110002‎ - 098 10158854‎

Audio Media Education‎ -
46, 2nd St, Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018‎ - 044 2467 1245‎

4 Genius Minds‎ -
HS 28 Kailash Colony Market Upper Level, New Delhi, Delhi 110048‎ - 011 4656 6940‎

Apple Book World & Cyber Cafe‎ -
B-4, Harshdeep Arcade, Siddharth Nagar, Bhanwarkua Chowraha, A B Road, Indore, Madhya pradesh 452014‎

APPLE Premium Store by iWorld‎ -
Ansal Plaza Mall, CG-01, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110049‎ -099 10123123‎

Apple Enterprises‎ -
7, basement, Rosy Towers, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034‎ - 044 28271979‎

Shriasys‎ -
Sowripalayam Post, 304, G.V Residency, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641028‎ - 0422 4202656‎

Karman Infotech Pvt. Ltd.‎ -
Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160022‎ - 0172 4690999‎

Apple‎ -
Shop No 1, Lilaram Bhavan, Near Samudra Hotel, Khar West, Dr Ambedkar Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400052‎ - 022 65795231‎

reddy complex,near suco bank,brestwarpet, raichur, Karnataka 584102‎ - 09686779949‎

Sequre enterprises‎ -
SCF 180, 1st Floor, Sector 7-c, Chandigarh, 160019‎ -0172 2792293‎

Big Apple Manufacturing‎ -
No. 810, Shop No. 1, Vummdiars Shopping Complex, Narasingapuram Street, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002‎ - 044 42128844‎

U C Infosystems (Apple Authorised Reseller)‎ -
Shop No A 13, New Sunder Park, off Veera Desai Rd,, Andheri West, Maharashtra 400053‎ - 09920233102‎

Three Apple‎ -
Shop 5 Muni Suvrat Apt, Kandivali (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400067‎

Apple Plus‎ -
Shop Number 4, Satellites Classic, Opposite Hanuman Temple, Station Road, Jogeshwari East, Mumbai, 400060‎ - 022 28387798‎

Green Apple‎ -
Hazrabai House, Shop No. 3, Irla Society Road, Near Papilon Hotel., Vile Parle West, Mumbai, 400056‎ -022 26711760‎

Apple Gifts‎ -
Shop Number 122/124, Noorbhoy House, Abdul Rehman Street, Charni Road, Mumbai, 400003‎ -022 23474455‎

Big Apple‎ -
Shop Number 42, Heera Panna Shopping Centre, Haji Ali, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, 400026‎ - 09892991494‎

Bee Apple‎ -
1st Floor Shop No102, V/2 Mall, Saraswati Marg, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, Delhi 110028‎ - 09871894398‎

Big Apple‎ -
Shop No 19 and 20, G Block, Community Centre, Vikaspuri, New Delhi, Delhi 110018‎ - 011 45531076‎

Mac Guru Infosystem Pvt. Ltd.‎ -
A-113/114, Dayanand Colony, Lajpat Nagar-IV, New Delhi, Delhi 110024‎ -011 46581607‎

Apple Products‎ -
Unit 305, 3rd Floor, Bussa Industrial Estate, Near Peninsula Tower, Lower Parel West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013‎ - 022 24947391‎

Laptop& Notebook Repair service centere in Bangalore : 9242949503‎ -
Bannergatha Road, Near Reliance mart,, bangalore, Karnataka 560076‎ -098 44 523671‎

East Of Kailash , New Delhi- 65, 245-A, First Floor , Sant Nagar,, Delhi, 110065‎ - 09810124668‎

What is LED TV

A big success story of 2009 is the Samsung LED TV series. Sales of LED TVs has exceeded Samsung’s own target of 2 million units for 2009, the actual figure was up by over 25% with Samsung selling over 2.6 million LED TV units. This success can be attributed to the impressive results produced by Samsung LED TVs coupled with a vigorous advertising campaign. On the back of this success the popularity of this new technology is set to rise even further with Samsung looking to improve and expand their range of LED TVs and cement their place as the market leader in the LED TV market.


However, maybe this new form of television technology is not all it seems. This is because the term LED TV is not the most accurate term to describe this new form of television. Without looking into what technologies are behind this new range of televisions, the phrase LED TV on its own may indicate that this type of television is a ‘true’ LED TV or display. This is a kind of display where LEDs are the primary component that produces the images displayed, ie rather than using an LCD panel in the television, a matrix of LEDs is used to produce the images that are displayed. However as it stands ‘true’ LED TVs aren’t really possible at the moment because of the size of LEDs. The use of LEDs in this way is limited to very large screens for advertising and public events etc.


If you were to look a little deeper and read the LED TV related advertising materials you will see that the use of light emitting diodes in LED TVs is to provide the light source for the LCD panel. This is because an LED TV is still actually an LCD TV, all be it one which uses LEDs for the back or edge lighting. Knowing this fact may leave you feeling a little deceived, a more accurate term to describe an LED TV would be LED-lit LCD TV. The advertisers may argue this term is a long winded and LED TV is a friendlier name. Anyway, whatever the name there are good reasons for the switch to using LEDs in LCD TVs so let us expand on this further.


First you should know that on its own an LCD panel does not produce light. The LCD panel is a matrix of liquid crystal through which light must be passed from another source to make it visible. When an electrical current is applied to the LCD panel the light can be deflected and altered to make the colors and images visible to the viewer.


Up to this point the job of producing the light which makes the LCD panel images visible has been done by cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs). It is these fluorescent lamps which are being replaced by LEDs. Is there a good reason for this or is it another gimmick that allows TV manufacturers to cynically rebrand old technology as new, giving it a new lease of life and so boosting sales figures? To answer this we must address what are the disadvantages of using fluorescent lamps and does using LEDs improve the situation.


So what are the problems with the use of CCFLs in LCD TVs? There are two main issues, first the inability of LCD TVs to produce truly dark black images and less than perfect color saturation (a limited range of colors). Producing perfect dark blacks is difficult if not impossible when using fluorescent lamps in LCD TVs. This because firstly the lamps must always be switched on, to produce areas of black on screen the light must be blocked by the LCD display so that it is not visible to the viewer. However this process is not perfect and some of the light leaks through making the blacks produced less than perfect. The result is the images on screen may seem slightly blurred or less sharp.  In relation to color, the quality of the light produced by fluorescent lamps limits the range of color that it is possible (although since the early days of LCD TV this situation has been improved by producing more effective fluorescent lamps).


To see how LEDs have improved both these deficiencies you need to know a little bit more about their characteristics and how they are used in TVs.  Firstly LEDs are smaller electrical components when compared to the size fluorescent lamps or tubes. This means that they can be placed to the rear of LCD panels to create an LED rear-lit LCD TV. Many LEDs are used in a matrix to provide the light required to light the LCD panel and in conjunction with this, LEDs can be individually switched on or off. This solves the problem of light leaking through the LCD display when black images are required, because rather than blocking the light through the LCD display the corresponding LEDs are switched off, this technique is known as ‘local dimming’.


This solution though is not quite so simple because it is too complicated and expensive to produce LED back-lit LCD TVs with enough LEDs that can be controlled individually. Practically TVs with up to approximately 1000 back LEDs can be produced and the LEDs are controlled in blocks rather than individually so that ‘areas’ of improved blackness can be produced. The result is that when images of light and dark are simultaneously displayed a compromise is made because some LEDs are switched on for light areas and others are switched off for dark areas and therefore some light will leak into the blacks from adjacent areas of light. The most noticeable improvement is when the images on screen are largely black.


Another characteristic that the use of LEDs has brought to LCD TVs is the improvement in range of colors, this is known as color gamut. The inherent properties of LEDs mean that the light produced by them is ‘whiter’ that that of fluorescent lamps (to be specific the light produced has a broader spectrum). The practical result is that LED-lit LCD TVs are capable of producing a wider range of colors that consequently enhance the images displayed so that the pictures look more natural and intense to the viewer.


Up to this point we have discussed the use of LEDs in rear lit configurations, however LEDs are also being used in edge-lit LCD TVs also. This in itself has advantages but also reduces the benefits which come from using LEDs in the rear-lit method. The major advantage of using LEDs in edge-lit configurations is that because they are much smaller than fluorescent lamps the physical thickness of the television can be greatly reduced. Manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung have produced televisions that are only 1cm to 2.5cm in thickness. However the benefits that comes from using LEDs in rear-lit LCD TVs (ie local dimming for improved blacks) is no longer applicable. Because the technology of edge-lit LED TVs is less complex they are however cheaper than rear-lit TVs.


Another aspect of side and edge lit LED TVs relates to the type of LEDs that are used for each method. Rear-lit LED TVs use RGB LEDs (red, green, blue LEDs) and edge-lit LED TVs use white LEDs. The significance of this is that the RGB LEDs used in rear-lit TVs produce the whiter light that improves color gamut and the white LEDs used in edge-lit TVs produce a color gamut which is comparable to that of fluorescent lamps used in conventional LCD TVs.


So what is the upshot of all this. Basically rear-lit LED TVs produce the best quality pictures due to the improved color gamut and contrast ratios that results from using RGB LEDs and localised dimming. Edge-lit LED TVs major advantage is that they are ultra thin and have slightly improved picture qualities. Another advantage to using LEDs not already mentioned it that LEDs are more energy efficient and so power consumption is improved by up to 40%, ultimately making them friendlier to the environment. LEDs are also said to be more reliable than fluorescent lamps and their performance does not degrade. Over time fluorescent lamps performance decreases as they become dimmer and they can eventually fail totally. When this happens it is likely that it is not practical or cost effective to replace a failed fluorescent lamp making the television unusable.


With the success that LED TVs have seen in 2009, the television industry seems to be heading in the direction where LED TV will become the mainstream television, replacing conventional CCFL-lit LCD TVs. With this the competition will increase, driving the price down so that LED TV will no longer be in the premium bracket of television making it the more affordable for the average consumer.


As an illustration of this current market leader has big plans for the expansion of Samsung LED TV. In 2010 Samsung aims to multiply the 2009 sales of LED TVs by four times selling 10 million units. They plan on doing this by expanding on the current Samsung LED TV Series 6, 7 and 8 by making a larger range of screen sizes available. Currently Samsung produces TVs with screen sizes available from 32 inches to 55 inches, Samsung plan to expand this range from 19 inches to 65 inches and so catering for a wider audience.


One thing is for sure, 2010 looks to be as busy as ever in the world of high definition television.  Competition for a share of the LED TV market is set to be fierce and that’s without even mentioning the emergence of other technologies such as 3D TV and OLED TV.

Symbian 3 video

Symbian^3 is due this year, in fact we've heard that S^3 devices should arrive in Q3, but we hadn't seen a live demo of it. One just hit the Internet - it runs on a laptop rather than a phone but still, the UI is manipulated in real time in front of a live audience.
It's important to note that Symbian^3 is meant to catch up to the users expectations of what a modern smartphone should be able to do, we have to wait till Symbian^4 to get to the innovative part. We weren't mightily impressed by the mockup videos of S^4 though.

The homescreen has been revamped to make it much more widget friendly - the way to add new widgets, rearrange them, adding new homescreens, that kind of thing. The task manager has been redesigned too.
Nokia emphasizes performance (up to three times faster in the graphics department they say) and multitasking. And not that trick multitasking where the app is frozen, no. Apps in the background continue to run. We wonder who that jab was aimed at.
Multitouch is finally making its way to the Symbian platform - both on capacitive and resistive displays.
We'll let Mr. David Rivas from Nokia take over from here:

The demo is running on a laptop but it looks like the real deal and not a mockup. The "phone" on the screen however is probably just a generic image of a phone rather than a future device.

Younis and Yousuf get lifetime ban

The PCB has handed out the most comprehensive set of punishments to national players in recent memory, banning a number of senior players and implementing heavy fines on others on the recommendations of an inquiry committee formed to look into Pakistan's disastrous tour to Australia. The biggest and most unexpected action is the implementation, in effect, of life bans on Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan, a wholly unexpected development. Shoaib Malik and Rana Naved-ul-Hasan have been banned for a year and the Akmal brothers and Shahid Afridi will be put on probation for six months and have been fined between Rs 2-3 million for various misdemeanours.
Yousuf and Younis, Pakistan's two seniormost current players, will not play for Pakistan again but will be eligible for county and domestic cricket.
The six-man committee completed its report last week and sent it to Ijaz Butt. The chairman held a meeting with the selection committee on Monday in which he briefed them on the contents of the inquiry committee's report. He warned the selectors - now headed by Mohsin Khan - that he had "shocking news" for them and proceeded to inform them of the details of the report.

History of 19th February

197 - Lucius Septimius Severus' army beats Clodius Albinus at Lyon
356 - Emperor Constantius II shuts all heathen temples
607 - Boniface III begins his reign as Catholic Pope
842 - Medieval Iconoclastic Controversy ends as a council in Constantinople formally reinstated the veneration of icons in the churches
1512 - French troops under Gaston de Foix occupy Brescia
1537 - Weavers of Leiden Neth strike
1539 - Jews of Tyrnau Hungary (then Trnava Czech), expelled
1574 - Spanish troops plunder Krommenie, Wormerveer & Jisp Neth
1582 - Francis of Valois becomes duke of Brabant
1594 - Having already inherited the throne of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth through his mother Catherine Jagellonica of Poland, Sigismund III of the House of Vasa is crowned King of Sweden, succeeding his father John III of Sweden.
1600 - The Peruvian stratovolcano Huaynaputina explodes in the most violent eruption in the recorded history of South America.
1619 - Trial against Johan van Oldenbarnevelt begins in The Hague
1634 - Battle at Smolensk: Polish king Wladyslaw IV beats Russians [NS=Mar 1]
1674 - Netherlands & England sign Peace of Westminster (NYC becomes English)
1700 - Last day of Julian calendar in Denmark
1736 - Georg F Handel's "Alexander's Feast," premieres
1771 - Messier adds M46-M49 to his catalog (galactic clusters in Puppis & Hydra & galaxy in Virgo)
1797 - 1/3 of papal domain ceded to France
1803 - Congress accepts Ohio's constitution, statehood not ratified till 1953
1807 - British squadron under Adm Duckworth forces passage of Dardanelle
1807 - VP Aaron Burr arrested in Alabama for treason; later found innocent
1819 - British explorer William Smith discovers the South Shetland Islands, and claims them in the name of King George III.
1825 - Franz Grillparzer's "Konig Ottokars Gluck," premieres in Vienna
1831 - 1st practical US coal-burning locomotive makes 1st trial run, Penn
1846 - Texas state govt formally installed in Austin
1852 - The Phi Kappa Psi fraternity is founded at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.
1856 - Tin-type camera patented by Hamilton Smith, Gambier, Ohio
1859 - Dan Sickles is acquitted of murder on grounds of temporary insanity 1st time this defense is successfully used
1861 - Russian Tsar Alexander II abolishes serfdom [NS=Mar 3]
1861 - Serfdom is abolished in Russia.
1864 - Knights of Pythias form 1st lodge in Wash DC (12 members)
1869 - US Assay Office in Boise, Idaho authorized
1878 - Thomas Alva Edison patents gramophone (phonograph)
1881 - Kansas becomes 1st state to prohibit all alcoholic beverages
1884 - Tornadoes in Miss, Ala, NC, SC, Tenn, Ky & In kill 800 people
1900 - British troops occupy Hlangwane Natal
1906 - WK Kellogg & Ch Bolin find Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Co
1910 - English premiere of Richard Strauss' "Elektra"
1913 - 1st prize inserted into a Cracker Jack box
1913 - Mexican General V Huerta takes power with US support
1914 - Riccardo Zandonai's opera "Francesco da Rimini," premieres in Turin
1915 - British fleet fire on Dardanellen coast
1919 - Pan-African Congress, organized by W E B Du Bois (Paris)
1920 - Netherlands joins League of Nations
1922 - Ed Wynn becomes 1st talent to sign as a radio entertainer
1923 - Jean Sibelius' 6th Symphony, premieres
1923 - Philip Barry's "You & I," premieres in NYC
1927 - General strike against British occupiers in Shanghai
1928 - 2nd Winter Olympic games close at St Moritz, Switzerland
1928 - Canadian hockey team wins 3rd consecutive gold medal
1929 - Medical diathermy machine 1st used, Schenectady, NY
1932 - William Faulkner completes his novel "Light in August"
1933 - Prussian minister Goering bans all Catholic newspapers
1934 - Bob & Dolores Hope marry
1934 - US contract air mail service canceled, replaced by US army for 6 mos
1935 - Clifford Odets' "Awake & Sing," premieres in NYC
1936 - Manuel AzaƱa becomes Spanish premier
1938 - Soviet arctic ice research station North Pole 1 evacuated, Denmark
1941 - Nazi police attacks & driven away from Koco Amsterdam (by young Jews)
1941 - Nazi raid Amsterdam & round up 429 young Jews for deportation
1942 - About 150 Japanese warplanes attacked the Australian city of Darwin
1942 - Bill Longson beats Managoff & Sandor Szabo, to become wrestling champ
1942 - Dutch actors protest obligatory membership of Culture Chamber
1942 - FDR orders detention & internment of all west-coast Japanese-Americans
1942 - Japanese troop land on Timor
1942 - Tommy Dorsey & his orchestra recorded "I'll Take Tallulah"
1942 - NY Yankees annouce 5,000 uniformed soldiers admitted free at each of their upcoming home games
1943 - German tanks under brig gen Buelowius attack Kasserine Pass Tunesia
1944 - 823 British bombers attack Berlin
1944 - U-264 sinks off Ireland
1945 - 30,000 US Marines land on Iwo Jima
1945 - 900 Japanese soldiers reportedly killed by crocodiles in 2 days
1945 - Brotherhood Day-1st celebrated
1945 - US 5th Fleet launches invasion of Iwo Jima against the Japanese
1946 - Giants outfielder Danny Gardella is 1st major leaguer to announce he is jumping to the "outlaw" Mexican League
1947 - CBS radio premiere of Villa-Lobos' "Bachianas Brasilieras No 3"
1949 - "Inside USA" closes at Century Theater NYC after 339 performances
1949 - 1st Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to Ezra Pound
1949 - Mass arrests of communists in India
1952 - French offensive at Hanoi
1953 - Georgia approves US 1st literature censorship board
1953 - Ted Williams safely crash-lands his damaged Panther jet
1953 - William Inge's "Picnic," premieres in NYC
1954 - WAST (now WNYT) TV channel 13 in Albany-Troy, NY (NBC) 1st broadcast
1955 - South East Asia Collective Defense Treaty goes into effect
1956 - Kathy Cornelius wins LPGA St Petersburg Golf Open
1958 - Carl Perkins leaves Sun Records for Columbia Records
1959 - Britain, Turkey & Greece sign agreement granting Cyprus independence
1959 - Gabon adopts its constitution
1959 - USAF rocket-powered rail sled attains Mach 4.1 (4970 kph), NM
1960 - Bil Keane's "Family Circus" cartoon strip debuts
1960 - Protest strike in Poznan Poland
1961 - Albania disavows Chinese "Revisionism"
1961 - Henk van der Grift (Neth) becomes world champ all-round skater
1962 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1963 - Robert Frost wins Bollingen Prize
1963 - USSR informs JFK it's withdrawing several thousand troops from Cuba
1964 - UK flies ½ ton of The Beatles wigs to the US
1965 - NFL adds 6th official
1967 - Stien Kaiser becomes world champion lady's skater
1968 - 1st US Teachers strike (Florida)
1969 - 1st Test flight of Boeing 747 jumbo jet
1970 - AL Cy Young winner Denny McLain suspended for bookmaking
1970 - USSR launches Sputnik 52 & Molniya 1-13 communications satellite
1971 - Paul McCartney releases "Another Day" in UK
1971 - Walt Wesley becomes 1st Cleve Cavalier to score 50 pts in a game
1972 - Glenn Turner carries his bat for 223* v WI at Kingston
1972 - The Asama-Sanso hostage standoff begins in Japan.
1974 - 1st American Music Award:
1976 - Frente Polisario forms Democratic Republic of Sahara
1977 - 19th Grammy Awards: This Masquerade, Starland Vocal Band
1977 - A's sell pitcher Paul Lindblad to the Rangers for $400,000
1977 - Doug Walters scores 250 v NZ, 217 stand for 7th wicket w/Gilmour
1977 - Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" album released
1977 - France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1977 - Shuttle Enterprise makes 1st Test flight atop a 747 jetliner
1978 - "On the 20th Century" opens at St James Theater NYC for 460 perfs
1978 - Brigitte Kraus runs world record 1000 m indoor (2:34.8)
1978 - Coleman, Comden & Green's musical premieres in NYC
1980 - Botham a century & 13 wickets in Jubilee Test Cricket at Bombay
1980 - Eric Heiden skates Olympic record 1000m in 1:15.18
1981 - George Harrison is ordered to pay ABKCO Music $587,000 for "subconscious plagiarism" "My Sweet Lord" with "He's So Fine"
1982 - Hanneke Jagersma installed as Neth's 1st Communist mayor
1982 - Sharie Langford, Calif, sets women's bowling series record of 853
1982 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1983 - Fernando Valenzuela wins his salary arbitration of $1 million
1983 - Vladimir Salnikov (USSR) sets 400 m free style swimming record
1984 - "Doonesbury" closes at Biltmore Theater NYC after 104 performances
1984 - 14th winter Olympic games close at Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
1984 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
1984 - 1st brother combo to win Gold & Silver in same event at Olympics (Phil & Steve Mahre-Slalom)
1985 - 150 killed when a Spanish jetliner crashed approaching Bilbao, Spain
1985 - ADM of Amsterdam declares bankruptcy
1985 - Canned & bottled Cherry Coke introduced by Coca-Cola
1985 - Mickey Mouse welcomed in China
1985 - William Schroeder is 1st artificial heart patient to leave hospital He spent 15 minutes outside Humana Hospital in Louisville, Ky
1986 - Jordanian King Hussein severs ties with PLO
1986 - US Senate ratifies UN's anti-genocide convention 37 years later
1986 - USSR launches Mir space station into Earth orbit
1987 - "Stardust" opens at Biltmore Theater NYC for 102 performances
1987 - Anti-smoking ad airs for 1st time on TV, featuring Yul Brynner
1987 - Less than a month after re-signing, A's pitcher Vida Blue retires
1987 - Minn sheriff office arrest FBI most wanted, Thomas G Harrelson
1987 - Reagan lifts trade boycott against Poland
1988 - Helga Arendt, Silke-Beate Knoll, Mechthild Kluth, Gisela Kinzel walk indoor female world record 4x200m (1:32.55)
1989 - "Legs Diamond" closes at Mark Hellinger Theater NYC after 64 perfs
1989 - Edgar Bowers wins Bollingen Prize
1990 - Police kill 8 demonstrators for multi party system in Nepal
1990 - Soyuz TM-9 lands
1992 - "Crazy For You" opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 1622 performances
1992 - Ken Ludwig's musical "Crazy for You," premieres in NYC
1992 - Peter Collins discovers nova Cygni 1992
1992 - Porn producer Jim Mitchell found guilty of killing his brother Artie
1993 - Kenya Moore, 22, (Michigan), crowned 42nd Miss USA
1994 - Marta Figueras-Dotti wins Cup o' Noodles Hawaiian Ladies Golf Open
1995 - 1st broadcast of "Woman of Independent Means" on NBC-TV
1995 - Irina Privalova runs indoor woman's European record 200m (22.10 sec)
1995 - Kenneth Koch wins Bollingen Prize
1995 - Linford Christie runs world record 200m indoor (20.25 sec)
1995 - Linford Christie runs European record 60m indoor (6.47 sec)
1995 - Michael Tippett's "Rose Lake," premieres
1996 - Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in York PA on WQXA 105.7 FM
1997 - FCC makes available 311 for non-emergency calls & 711 for hearing or speech-impaired emergency calls
1998 - Soyuz TM-26 lands
1998 - US hockey team destroys their rooms at Olympic village in Japan
2001 - An Oklahoma City bombing museum is dedicated at the Oklahoma City National Memorial.
2002 - NASA's Mars Odyssey space probe begins to map the surface of Mars using its thermal emission imaging system.
2004 - Nazi-hunter Simon Wiesenthal is awarded an honorary knighthood in recognition of a "lifetime of service to humanity."
2007 - Three Salvadoran deputies to the Central American Parliament and their driver are murdered in Guatemala.
2008 - Toshiba announces its formal recall of its HD DVD video formatting, ending the format war between it and Sony's Blu-Ray Disc