Just maath maathalli movie review

After the Bollywood film Rann, actor-turned-director Sudeep has released his second directorial venture Just Math Mathalli (Just Maath Maathalli), which is really a superb Kannada movie. Although after watching the climax, one may feel the movies has shades of Blockbuster movie Munagaru Male, it's totally story original and Sudeep rocks both as director and actor.

The main highlight of the movie is Raghu Dixit's music. Next, Sudeep's fabulous performance, story and narrative technique, beautiful locations, costumes and moreover wonderful picturisation tease the sense of the audiences. But comedy and fights are total absent in the movie.

Director Sudeep himself has penned the story, which is really interesting. He has innovated a new narrative technique and it has got curiosities at every step. He has tight grip on the narration. Somewhere these too many twists and turns seem to be dragging and boring the audiences, but Raghu Dixit's music is successful in holding the interest of the viewers. If Sudeep had included comedy element, which is totally absent in the film, the movie would have been even more interesting.