Michael Jacksons doctor disappeared

Although initial reports claimed Dr Murray had disappeared after Jackson’s death, she said the doctor had in fact travelled to the hospital with the star and spent time comforting his family.

Dr Conrad Murray, who was with Michael Jackson when he suffered a suspected cardiac arrest, has been questioned for three hours by Los Angeles police.A police spokesperson said the doctor had given an “extensive interview” and provided details that “will aid the investigation”.Media attention shifted to Dr Murray in the wake of Jackson’s death after it emerged he had not signed the death certificate, which is stand practice.There were also questions over Jackson’s alleged use of painkilling medication, and whether Dr Murray had played any role in administering drugs.But Dr Murray’s spokeswoman told the BBC that he was not considered a suspect and “remains a witness to this tragedy”.His spokeswoman added that Dr Murray "feels so deeply about his relationship with Michael Jackson that anything he can do to help this investigation come to a resolution, he is doing".