Cure for h1n1

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is being widely used to treat A(H1N1) flu patients in China, a senior health official confirmed Monday.
“China has been, so far, the only country worldwide to introduce traditional medicine, particularly the TCM, which had been practiced for thousands of years in the nation in the treatment of diseases,” said Ren Minghui, director of the international cooperation department of the Ministry of Health (MOH).
As of late yesterday, health authorities had announced 39 confirmed A(H1N1) flu cases and one additional suspected case on the Chinese mainland.
The latest six confirmed cases were reported yesterday – three in Beijing, two in Fujian province and one in Guangdong province.
“Currently, TCM has shown certain efficacy in all confirmed patients under treatment and a total of nine have already fully recovered and been discharged from the hospital,” said Jiang Liangduo, a TCM expert at the Beijing-based Dongzhimen Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
Special CoverageTraditional medicine used to battle new flu A(H1N1) Influenza Outbreak
Jiang is part of a MOH-initiated special taskforce comprising dozens of TCM experts charged with looking for ways to contain the flu through a TCM approach.
“A great variety of both the ready-to-use and unprocessed TCM, mainly herbals, has been used in the treatment,” he noted.
Personal conditions of the patients, including gender, age, and symptoms, would be considered in deciding specific treatment method in terms of dosage and choices of different herbs.