Sonia Gandhi's name is nominated for nobel award

An organisation ''International Awakening Center'' has recommended the name of Congress President and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi the seventh time for Nobel Peace Award 2009. Describing Sonia Gandhi as a world peace lover and great social worker, the President of the organisation, Majaz Mungeri said, ''She not only works for her adopted country India but also takes pains for International peace. She has the same status in India as that of Mother Teresa. She has also worked for the weaker section.'' It is result of her relentless efforts that India's neighbours have discarded terrorism and done away with hostility and developed friendly relations, he said.

Her invaluable contributions, courage and humility are an inspiration and, therefore, the organisation urges the Norwegian institute to include her name in the list of Nobel Committee for the Nobel Peace Award 2009, Majaz said.