Motion Activated Headphones Sony Ericsson

Sony-Ericsson-MH907 earphone

Sony Ericsson one of the best most popular musical phone in the world.Sony Ericsson introduced the world’s first Motion Activated Headphones MH907.MH907 is so light weight just 25gm.The users can control their call and music system in their earbuds.

The music player automatically starts when both the earbuds inserted in to your ears.You can pause music with removing one earbud and to play insert that again.To attened or answer a call, insert one earbud.When you are enjoying music and recieve a call that time just remove one earbud and reinsert that again.In this earphone their are no buttons to control your mobile phone.The earbuds are works like a remote control.

MH907 gives a clear Audio experience,delivers superior stereo sound quality.MH907 earphone available in two colours Yellow White and Titan Chrome.

Activated Headphones MH907

Features of MH907 :

  1. Built-in microphone
  2. High power handling capacity
  3. Motion activated call handling
  4. Works as FM antenna for phone
  5. Warranty upto one year
  6. Sound blocking design,giving Stereo quality sound.
  7. Three size silicon ear buds